SKY UK Specifics and unique qualities

SKY UK is a very specific TV broadcasting and telecommunications company which really does things its own way. This is true to all what they are doing, from broadcasting to packages and further broadcasting ideas. Therefore it’s no wonder to know that Sky was the first company in Europe who has made its first ever TV package which included multiple channels. As the company has primarily flourished as a TV channel producer and broadcaster they have only recently become a full-fledged telecommunications company, which means that it’s only since 2016 that Sky UK also offers Internet, landline phone and mobile phone contracts, next to its TV channels and packages. Sky TV UK was also the first which has started to create TV channels according to themes and their current TV channels also follow this methodology and this is not the only unique thing about the company. Let’s see what more there is to learn about Sky TV.

Sky Multichannel:

This Company was the first one to create its own packages and offer them alongside the satellite plates with its installation being part of the package. Today Sky features around 8-10 of its own channels (excluding the PPV channels). Sky Digital: This UK TV company also has a revolutionary role in the transitioning to the digital system. Before we knew about digital TV existing we all watched TV the weaker quality analogue way. Sky has already started this process back in 2001. Sky has become so successful with this step that its number of subscribers grew to 7.8 Million back when the transition process was already on the way.

The first ever satellite broadcaster:

This UK telecommunications and TV broadcasting company has a revolutionary role in bringing in quality and pay per view broadcasting in Europe and their Sky TV was the first ever in Europe which was broadcasted via satellites. Sky Sports and the monopoly: It’s no secret that the majority of Sky’s current income also comes from its exclusive pay per view channels such as the Sky Sports and the Sky Cinema channels. Sky was so lucky that they could get monopoly to broadcast numerous international and national sports events, such as the Champions League (which was later changed due to the scandal it caused).

HD and UHD:

Sky was the first TV broadcaster in the UK to bring in the concept of broadcasting on High definition and in the recent years it’s been working very hard on bringing in the Ultra High Definition and turn the majority of its channels to UHD. Sky Video library: Apart from being the first ever pay per view TV provider in the UK, following the US example, Sky was also the first who came up with the idea of a virtual library which works as a sort of a rental where people can view or download just any programs, series or movies they are interested in. If you would like to learn more about Sky’s current packages and further offers get in touch with Sky Customer Support via the Sky contact phone number or use the free chat or email possibility which is also available for everyone.

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