Representing the current Sky UK channels

Sky 1 :

formerly known as Sky TV Sky 1 has everything one is looking for in a TV channel. Interesting series, great programs, colourful documentaries, cooking and celebrity shows and music. This channel is a real hybrid and that’s exactly why it’s still one of the most popular Sky channels ever. Sky 1 is of course part of all the Sky TV packages and it’s also the Nr. 1 most viewed TV channel in the UK.

Sky Living:

when you are looking for great family series and the newest series coming from the US then Sky Living is the channel to watch. Featuring a great deal of superb shows, most of which are the most watched ones in the US such as Bones, Criminal Minds and brand new crime series such as Elementary or the Catch, this TV channel is a real unique channel which ensures a nonstop entertainment for several generations.

Sky Atlantic:

This TV channel features a great mix of the newest series such as the ever famous Game of Thrones and mixes them up with great shows and other entertainment programs. This channel does its very best to fully entertain the whole family.

Sky Arts:

if you are a lover of arts, culture and design then this is the channel to go for. Representing a great deal of interesting and entertaining documentaries, arts shows and even quiz shows Sky Arts is a very entertaining TV channel for those with a deeper interest in arts of all sorts.

Sky Cinema:

this channel is the smaller, commercial brother of the largest Sky Movies project which is only available in PPV. However you will not be disappointed even if you decide not to pay that extra because Sky Cinema makes up for it in a big time. Featuring a great deal of new movies and classics this channel is simply a must-have for a TV fan.

Sky News:

Sky news is the UK counterpart of CNN news and its fame and accuracy is almost the same. This channel is sure to report on the latest happenings from all around the world and it’s a must-watch for everyone who wonders about what’s happening throughout the world. Sky News was the first ever European news channel which could get in competition with CNN.

Sky Sports:

Just like Sky Cinema Sky Sports is not yet the PPV channel which means it will not feature as many exclusive as its PPV „brother” however if you are a sports fan you can be rest assured not to get disappointed because this channel is an absolute must-have and it ensures you watch the most recent and best sports events from all around the world.

Sky Kids:

if you have a family then your kids will surely love this wonderful channel stacked with fantastic cartoons for every generation. It’s no wonder Sky Kids is one of the most liked TV channels in the UK.

For more information on Sky’s own channels visit Sky’s official website and if you would have any specific enquiries or questions just call the Sky contact number featured on their website.

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