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Sky UK is one of the best leading telecommunication companies in the United Kingdom right now and as such it has tons of offers which change from time to time. This time around we would like to represent you with some of the latest offers at Sky UK. Please keep in mind that the offers are only available for a limited amount of time as new offers would come every month so call the main sky telephone number for the latest offers.

Reward System.

Get a GBP 75 Reward in form of either a Tesco e-voucher or a Prepaid MasterCard. Sky offers these are rewards for previous transactions. If you would like to receive a Tesco e-voucher you will need to provide an email address and make sure you actually print the voucher out. The prepaid MasterCard can be used for any payment transactions but cash cannot be withdrawn from it. Keep in mind that the prepaid card will expire after 12 months.

Get unlimited Internet for a year for only GBP 18.99 – if you are a subscriber or a renter for an extra 18.99 you will get unlimited internet for 12 months. Super-fast Sky Fiber and Sky TV all-in-one for GBP 42/month – new subscribers can save as much as GBP 170 if they choose this fantastic new package that includes a 34 MB fibre power Internet coming with dedicated support helpline. This offer is now available for all the 3 TV packages available at Sky: including Sky Q, Variety and Box Sets packages too.

Introduce a friend:

If you bring a new subscriber to Sky UK then you will get a GBP 100 bonus for each person. This is an offer which has been going on with a massive success at Sky for a while now and it’s a great way to have more people introduced to the high quality broadcasting provided by Sky.

Sky Rental:

this is a brand new service which is absolutely ideal for those would not like to settle with a contract but would rather rent Sky TV and its further services such as internet for a given period of time. This offer is also perfect for those who only plan to spend a couple months’ time in the country.

Sky internet only:

Sky is now offering its internet also without TV subscription which means internet would only come with the landline sky phone service. Sky Mobile Data plans from GBP 10/month: Sky is now offering super cheap mobile phone packages for its new subscribers. The deal can also include mobile device with a monthly payment. The current mobile packages range from 1 GB to 5GB of memory. Mobile plans also include rolling over unused data, playlist creation opportunities and changing plans every month according to the changing preferences. You can activate your Sky Mobile plan straight from the website. There are further exclusive offers which are available to either new subscribers or to existing customers. For more information visit the Sky official website, join Sky Community chat or call the Sky contact number featured on the website.

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