Sky UK Special services

Sky UK is one of the oldest TV broadcasting and TV channel making companies which has recently made a full transition to become one of the leading telecommunications companies in the United Kingdom. With this come tons of special services Sky is offering for all its subscribers. This time around we would like to talk about these services and their unique qualities.

Sky Go

Sky GO is a very special service which basically enables Sky subscribers to be able to watch their favorite programs from anywhere with any device which has the ability to play TV. As an extra users can also use the feature to download programs and has access to the Sky Box sets from any part of the world. Sky Go is an excellent extra because this means that you do not have to be at home to watch your most liked programs. Catch up with your favorite series with the help of Sky Go.

Sky Community

If you would like to learn, if you are looking for the solution to a problem or simply to connect to other Sky users the Sky community is the place for you to go. There are literally thousands of topics to discuss over here. The key topics include discussions about TV boxes, Sky Mobile, Internet, On-line apps and other miscellaneous ones. You can even get to read blog's on this page. If you are a Sky subscriber you have a free access to Sky Community.

Sky Interactive Library:

Apart from devising the first Pay per View channel system in Europe, Sky was also the first one to ever devise the concept of having an interactive library containing all of its movies, series and other programs which can this way be rented, re-watched or recorded. This is a great system for everyone who is looking for any movie which they haven’t watched for a long time or to get to watch a complete series they haven’t watched before.

Sky Help videos

Sky’s support system is really unique in many ways and this also includes the way they want to help their customers or new subscribers to understand how to handle everything. That’s exactly why there is a special help section under „Help and Support” which contains helpful videos for the users. These videos help you in everything from installation to TV program management.

Sky Multiscreen

Sky uses a very specific TV management device which is called Sky Q and it’s a real next generation management system which also enables users to watch the same TV channels on multiple TV devices. This is a great solution when it comes to living in a large home where multiple TV devices are being used. Sky TV packages are now available from GBP 22 per month for new subscribers. For more information on all the different packages and on the newest offers we encourage you to visit the Sky UK official website. For any further specific enquirers please call the Sky contact number or use the chat system.

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