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If you are fan of TV and quality channels or if you are an avid fan of sports living in the United Kingdom then there is just no way you do not know about Sky TV and their extreme high quality TV channels. Sky is a revolutionary company and it has a huge role in making the broadcasting of commercial TV channels via satellites possible. Sky UK has always followed lead with the best US TV companies and has been the first ever company to bring in the Pay-Per-View concept in Europe too. This time around we would like to say a few words about the history of SKY UK and their role in today’s TV broadcasting.

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To begin with, as you can already see it from the introduction Sky TV has been the first ever in terms of many things. When people didn’t even really know much about international TV channels broadcasted throughout the world via satellites, Sky TV had already been there entertaining millions of people worldwide. When it comes to exclusive sports programs, then it’s also Sky TV to turn to: their Sports channels are still full of exclusive deals, which means that there are tons of sports events which one can only watch via a Sky sports channel.

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In addition, Sky was the first one to bring in the concept of High Definition ( simply called as HD) and these days they are the first to bring in the concept of Ultra High Definition which means such a crystal clear view which is closing up to watching something happening for real. Sky also had a revolutionary role in terms of 3D TVs too. The company was founded in the late Eighties early Nineties and it ran under the name Sky Televisions up the point when it ventured into becoming Sky UK Plc. as part of a collaboration with British Satellite Broadcasting. This British company which has long been only a TV broadcaster and has just become a full-on telecommunications company in the recent years is one of the very few companies who actually make their own TV channels. Although today watching Sky TV channels is not limited to Sky only (Virgin can also offer Sky packages or PPV channels) they still hold exclusive rights to the majority of their self-produced channels. Sky UK makes the majority of its income out of its sports and movie channels which as mentioned above feature tons of exclusives and brand new movies. To this day Sky offers these channels as PPV extras even for those subscribers who are subscribed to one TV package at the company. Sky has its own channels featuring tons of different genres of programs: from series to lifestyle and gardening, from cartoons to documentaries there is simply no topic you wouldn’t be able to connect to one Sky channels.

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